Frequently asked questions


Did you draw all the images yourself?
Yesall images on this website are handdrawn by myself.
The tattoo designs starts with a sketch in pencil on a sheet of A3 paper (200 mg/m2).
Then I erase and tweak the sketch for some time, and finally I trace the image with a black
marker and use Copic markers to add the shading.
The image is scanned in a 300 DPI .tiff file into the computer and some stains and dust are removed in Photoshop CS3.

Are there meanings and thoughts behind your tattoo designs?
No, I’m a graphic designer who combines different tattoo styles into one esthetic design. The elements are influenced
by the Maori Ta Moko style and the Kirituhi style. Some tribal elements like triangles, curles and the “white space” in
the designs are my favourites. The tattoo’s I create are “graphical art pieces” and not “stories/meanings in art”

Do you also design custom tattoos?
No, I’ve been doing custom tattoos for a number of years, but for now I’m too busy do accept any custom projects.

How do I order a design?
If you want to order a design, simply hit the ‘buy now’ button
You’ll automatically be forwarded to Paypal and you have the options to pay with a Paypal account or creditcard

How do I receive my tattoo image when I order it?
As soon as I receive your payment, I’ll send you the high resolution tattoo design by e-mail.
It’s a 300 DPI .jpg file, so you can scale it to the size you like.

What do I do with the design if I want it on my body?
You can scale and print the design on your home computer and take it to your local tattoo shop.
It’s also possible to e-mail it to the tattoo shop, so they can prepare it for you.

Are you a tattoo artist?
No, I’m a graphic tattoo designer, who likes to combine different tattoo styles into an esthetic design.
I only draw and don’t have a tattoo studio. 

Can I use the design for other purposes than a personal tattoo?
The designs are only for personal use, you cannot resell or use the images for commercial purposes.
If you wish to use the designs for other purposes then a tattoo, please contact me.

Are the designs sold multiple times?
Yes, the images are sold multiple times, worldwide. 
The chance of meeting someone with the same tattoo is very small
I’m a designer, not a large tattoo company.

Can I sell copies of my design?
No, only for personal use, no commercial purposes.

Can I make changes to my design?
You can make small changes to adjust it to your taste, but the overall sense of the image has to remain.

If you have any questions or if you want to contact me, don’t hesitate, just mail me here

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Tattoo designer