Maori Tattoo 110


Maori tattoo 110

This is one of my favorite pieces, a Stingray Maori tattoo design. It’s a stylized Maori inspired design with some beautiful koru shapes and spearheads.

The meaning and symbolism of a stingray design is quite versatile, its has a lot of speed, it’s aggressive and dangerous because of the poisened stinger, but also curious and docile. So it has a good part and some bad parts, just like people.


Size:25 x 19 cm (10 x 7,5 inches)
Price: 36,30 euro (43 usd)

Digital tattoo examples

These pictures show the tattoo digitally placed on different body parts. 
It’s not 100% accurate, but gives you a rough idea how the design will look when tattooed.

High resolution handdrawn designs

Images are hand drawn on A3 paper and scanned at 300 DPI. Preview a real size tattoo here.
Order this high resolution tattoo designs with Paypal, creditcard or bank transfer.
After payment you’ll receive an e-mail with a high resolution design and a stencil/linedrawing for your tattoo artist.