Tribal canvas prints to decorate your home

Where to find the right style of paintings or wall prints that suits your style? Its especially difficult if you’re a fan of tribal tattoo art. As a graphic/tattoo designer it’s nice to expand my range of art and come up with new ideas. That’s why I decided to turn some of my Polynesian inspired tattoo designs into Canvas prints for you.  Using unique and interesting tribal designs with intricate patterns from my hand drawn flash drawings.

Square and Symmetrical Canvas wall art

These tribal tattoos are scanned in high resolution, so its works on large canvas sizes without any problem. I like clean and minimalistic arts and patterns, so here’s what I came up with after a few hours of editing in Photoshop.
The first three canvas prints are square pieces in a symmetrical composition, with bright colors, which makes a great impression on your white or black wall/background.
Available in 20 different formats, ranging from 11″x 11″ to the impressive 60″x 60″ format.

black-canvas-wall-decoration-tribal-maori-tattoos-and-patterns-featherstattoo art on canvas tribal purple koru design squarepink canvas art with tribal Maori feathers design








Black and white tattoo prints

For people who are more into black & white styles, I made a few square designs on a white background.
– The first one is a mix of traditional spearhead patterns, with some bird elements and coconut leafs.
– The second canvas is a Kirituhi Maori artwork with flowing koru/fern curves in negative space.
– The third one has elements and patterns of the Samoan tribal style with a mix of Maori style curves.

 traditional-maori-wall-art-canvas-home-decorations-print-tattoos-black black-and-white-maori-wall-art-home-decoration-tribal-tattoos

More decorative canvas prints

If you are inspired and want to see more, please visit my Zazzle shop for all designs and prints!
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High resolution tribal tattoos

Ps. You can find all high resolution tribal tattoos on my website galleries, so if you’re interested in “real” tattoos, go check it out!
Maori, Samoan, Marquesas and other Polynesian designs, hand drawn artworks and great ideas for your next tattoo!
Cheers Mark


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Hi, I'm Mark Storm

Hi, I'm Mark Storm

I'm a graphic tattoo designer, creating and selling Polynesian tribal tattoo patterns. All drawings are available in high resolution and come with a linedrawing for your tattoo artist.